Clothing / Costume

FASHIONS OF THE 50'S - 60'S - 70'S

TRULY VICTORIAN - they sell authentic period patterns

ANOTHER 20'S FASHION FILM There are many more similar films from assorted decades on You Tube.



THE COSTUMER'S MANIFESTO a great site to research period or ethnic dress, or just for entertainment.

FRENCH FASHION PRINTS the prints on this page are from La Mode Illustree 1875-1886. In the 1800's women would cut the pages out of the magazine, then frame and hang them. They were later reproduced and the framed reproductions were sold for decades. I have a couple of them in my own home, and if you check out Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's first apartment, you'll find a couple hanging there too.

COSTUME OF COLONIAL TIMES, a book published in 1911, from Hearth, at the Cornell Library.

LA COUTURIERE PARISIENNE the English version. Fashion through history with colorful plates, paintings, some patterns and links. Some things are in German only.

THE FREAKS OF FASHION: with illustrations of the changes in the corset and crinoline, from remote periods to the present time., A book published in 1870. I haven't had a chance to read this, it has a great title, doesn't it? The drawings are very nice too.

HAIRSTYLE HISTORY part of the Online Costume Gallery. At the bottom of the page you can access the rest of their site.

HISTORIC DRESS IN AMERICA 1800-1870 a book published in 1910, also from the Hearth Library. The illustrations didn't scan very well, but the text is very informative.

FASHION-ERA another large site.

MORBID OUTLOOK an article about Victorian mourning clothes.

THE TAILOR'S GUIDE a book published in 1856. The second volume is full of drawings of patterns for menswear.

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